ZCode Magazines to Launch 11th Magazine – 08/10 Magazine

Continuing its rapid growth, San Diego-based ZCode Magazines (a division of Susco Media Inc.) announced plans to further expand their zip code magazine titles into the two North Carlsbad zips. Adding an additional 18,000 in circulation, the addition of 08/10 Magazine expands the ZCode Magazines family of publications to a total of eleven specialty hyper-local micro-community magazines with a combined circulation of 180,000 households.

ZCode Magazines President and Publisher Derrick Breaux made the announcement about the company’s latest expansion plans: “We are extremely excited about the expansion into North Carlsbad. The addition of the 08/10 zone completes the full saturation circulation in the Carlsbad ‘trifecta’ area. Advertisers that wish to reach all 45,000+ Carlsbad households now have the chance to do so at an unprecedented price point. We have had tremendous receptions from both readers and advertisers in our existing ten zip code areas, and we believe that 08/10 Magazine will continue to carry on the tradition of delivering local content to the local community.”

The addition of 08/10Magazine will make a total of eleven publications launched by ZCode Magazines since late 2009 – joining titles that include 92127 Magazine, 92129 Magazine, 92131 Magazine, 92064 Magazine, 92128 Magazine, 92130 Magazine, 92024 Magazine, Del Sol Magazine, 92009 Magazine and 92011 Magazine.

“Just as with our other publications, we will produce 08/10 Magazine with the goal of providing readers something they want to read,” Breaux said. “Plus, we offer a variety of marketing options in addition to the print publications to assist local businesses in getting a solid response for their investment.”

“Many residents and businesses have continuously urged ZCode Magazines to expand into the North Carlsbad market,” Breaux said. “With the launch of 08/10 Magazine in mid-May, businesses will be able to reach up to 180,000 targeted, high demographic households along the I-15, I-5, and Highway 56 corridors. And not only do advertisers reach a lucrative audience, they do so in a high-quality environment in one of our colorful, well-read community magazines, each filled with vibrant photographs and well-written local articles.”

In addition to the print publications, 08/10 Magazine will be complemented by a robust website, an active Facebook page, and regular streams of information and comments via Twitter, according to Breaux.

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