ZCode Magazines Launches Revolutionary Augmented Reality App: ZGlass

ZCode Magazines is bringing augmented reality to all nine (now ten) of its publications. With a new app, called ZGlass Interactive Viewer, every cover, most articles and several advertisements in all future issues will feature print-to-mobile content extensions, including videos, interactive experiences and click-throughs to social media and mobile sites.

“Not only is this technology revolutionary, but just like our zip-code based magazines, the attention to detail and effort has never been executed at such a local level,” said Tyler McElhaney, creative director at ZCode Magazines. “Both readers and advertisers will have the ability to share new experiences, and bring articles and advertisements to life right before their eyes.”

The technology uses the image-recognition from a smartphone or iPad camera to launch the video or other interactive content that’s tied to the magazine page.

The ZGlass app is available now for iPhone, iPad, and Android devies, making its debut this week with the arrival of the July/August issue of 92127 Magazine in mailboxes.

ZCode Magazines is working with its sister-company 5 Digit Studios to provide local businesses an entirely new medium to showcase their products, services or accommodations. With ZGlass, readers will be able view interactive walkthroughs, feel good promotional videos, make online reservations and more.

If you or your business is interested in being a part of ZCode Magazines, the ZGlass Interactive Viewer app, or 5digit Studios, please email

Still not convinced? Watch the short video below:

ZGlass compatible publications:
92127 Magazine
92128 Magazine
92129 Magazine
92130 Magazine
92131 Magazine
92064 Magazine
92024 Magazine
92009 Magazine
92011 Magazine
Del Sol Magazine

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